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Dental CT Scan

The current emerging standard of care in dentistry and dental implantology is the use of three dimensional x-ray studies. The 3-D images allow the doctor to collect the needed and highly valuable diagnostic information to best plan and deliver dental and surgical care.

Cone Beam imaging delivers quicker and easier image acquisition a typical scan takes only 20 seconds.

The patient benefits from less radiation as well as the comfortable, open environment. Aside from the physical comfort of this system, the doctor can share a visual diagnosis with patients, making them more comfortable with their treatment plan and actively participate in their care. The speed of the scan and the immediate results allows the doctor and patient to better communicate the aspects of a case.

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CEREC 1 Visit Tooth Restoration

CEREC Technology allows us to provide our patients with Same Day Restorations.
No more messy impression materials or hassle with annoying temporaries! CAD/CAM Technology offers our patients the opportunity to have a beautiful restoration designed, fabricated and delivered in a single appointment! Here’s how:
Using, CEREC Technology, we are able to take a photo scan of your tooth with a special laser camera that safely captures the anatomy of the prepared tooth and renders it as a 3-dimensional image.
We then customizes your crown, inlay or onlay using your digital “impression” and 3D imaging software while you relax with a magazine or music headphones.

After the doctor approves the final design, the CEREC milling system employs CAD/CAM technology to shape your restoration from a high-strength, metal-free ceramic or composite block in a shade to match your smile. This eliminates the repeat visit after sending the impression off to a lab, as this is now able to be done right in the office while you are in the chair!

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Computerized Shade Matching

VITA Shade Guide
The VITA shade guide serves to accurately determine tooth shade. The precision color matching results in the most natural restoration. VITA offers

  • Fast and reliable tooth shade determination
  • Precise and complete communication of the correct tooth shade
  • Two established shade systems for all your needs – from standard dental prosthetics to highly esthetic restorations
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The Wand

Our patients routinely comment on how painless and gentle their treatments. This is in no small part due to “The Wand” painless injection system. In most cases the pain associated with injections comes from the flow of the anesthetic into the body, as opposed to the insertion of the needle itself. The Wand is a computer-controlled anesthetic distribution system that is designed to prevent any pain at all. It evenly flows into the system so that only the exact part of the mouth being treated is numbed, and it does it with such accuracy that it is in fact painless.

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DIAGNOdent is an advanced laser technology that helps us find tooth decay more accurately and reliably in its earliest stages, before it causes more widespread damage. We use it along with visual examination, dental explorers, and x-rays. DIAGNOdent helps us locate decay that’s hidden inside the tooth where visual examination, explorers, and x-rays can’t find it. The DIAGNOdent hand piece scans your teeth with harmless pulses of laser light. When the laser reaches decay under the surface of the tooth, the decay emits a fluorescent light. This fluorescent light bounces back to the sensor, and is translated into an audible signal and a digital readout. In general, the higher the number, the greater the amount of decay in the tooth.

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Early Detection for Oral Cancer

It is a shocking statistic that one American dies each hour because of oral cancer. This mortality rate has not changed in 40 years! But the upside is that when oral cancer is detected in its early stages, 90% of these patients can be cured.

We have the VELscope™ available for our patients for screening and early detection of this life-threatening problem. It is an FDA-approved specially designed light. Immediately, any unusual tissue can be identified. This is a quick, easy, and painless exam that could save your life!


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Love the Spa Atmosphere
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Digital Dentures Patient Testimonial

I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Jon, it was actually quite a pleasant experience. I recommend him to anyone.


He did an implant which I am very happy with. He is amazing, a genius of dentistry.. I really experienced the entire process, it was very nice.

Edwardo Fernandez: Dental Implant

I’m ecstatic. I feel I can smile and the world smiles back at me.

Patricia Sweet: Dental Implants

My name is Patrick from Mahwah, New Jersey. I came to Jonathan’s Dental Service and my experience has been very positive. The staff is very friendly and the doctor is very knowledgeable. He gave me a lot of confidence. I just got my new implants and everything’s fine so my overall experience is very positive and I would recommend it to a lot of people.

Patrick, Mahwah, NJ

My name is Bill from Hawthorne, New Jersey and the experience here has been very pleasant, everybody’s been good and so far they’ve put the teeth in and so far they’re good.


Hi, my name is Brian Lure from Wayne, New Jersey. I had a great experience at Jonathan Dental, a very non-painful implant, and I would recommend this to anybody.

Brian Lure, Wayne, New Jersey

Hi this is Steve from New Jersey. My experience with Jonathan Dental Spa was the most relaxed and pleasant dental experience in my life. The nice office atmosphere and courteous staff were very calming. Dr. Abenaim took the time to fully explain the necessary procedure, which really put my mind at ease. I was so impressed with the overall experience that I have already referred several of my friends to Jonathan Dental Spa. Thank you Dr. Abenaim and staff.

Steve, New Jersey

I had a very excellent experience with Dr. Abenaim I was treated wonderfully not a bit of pain. I’m not a good patient but it has been delightful to be here.

Annette B.

Hello, My name is Evelyn Meyer Bennett. I have many physical problems and my teeth almost poisoned my system. But the moment I met Dr Jonathan – I was so absolutely full of confidence that he was going to do a really good job – he pulled my upper and lower teeth in two sessions – it was absolutely painless – nothing at all – I am so pleased with my new teeth – I can smile, speak and eat – it was a wonderful experience and I didn’t feel tortured at all – just comfortable and happy.

Evelyn Bennett., Lakewood, NJ

My name is Andrea, I’m from Patterson NJ. I am just thankful that I came to Jonathan’s Health Spa – my old bridge was looking very worn out and at Jonathan’s Dental Spa he was able to create a new smile for me. I am very appreciative because it just adds more life and more energy to my smile. I feel great about my self and my new appearance. Thank you

Andrea, Patterson, NJ

My name is Fay Pigarero from Rivervale, NJ. I came to the doctor to get my implants in. I was totally nervous as I always am but the experience was the best I ever had. Everything was so quick and so totally painless. I really have no words to say. It was so totally stress free and the most painless experience. It was totally amazing and my teeth look absolutely so beautiful no body will ever know . Thank you I am so happy there are really no words to explain it

Fay Pigarero, Rivervale, NJ

Bob Roman, hometown Fairfield, NJ. Recognized the article in the paper and just off the cuff, I came in for the dental implants. There was definitely no problem. Jonathan Dental Spa was wonderful. All and every situation I encountered was handled properly and professionally. Basically I did not encounter any pain. The environment was wonderful, I’m recommending to other people simply it was a very good experience – a wonderful experience – Jonathan Dental Spa is very helpful.

Bob Roman, Fairfield, NJ

My name is Corrine Speranza from Wyckoff , NJ. I had a partial denture for about 15 years and it was constantly painful, slipping and a totally horrible experience. It broke for the second time so I went to The Jonathan Dental Spa. My decision was to have dental implants put in and the dentist put in five implants and four of which have already been crowned within three months. I am for the first time in (I don’t even remember) actually chewing and enjoying all sorts of food – its just a miracle. I can’t get over the amazement of having molars again when there was none. The experience was wonderful and the dentist superb. I would highly recomend this to anyone in my situation. I have many many more years of happy chewing thanks to Jonathan Dental Spa.

Corrine Speranza, Wyckoff , NJ
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